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If you live in one of the five boroughs or near New York City and you love art, you’ve probably heard about or been following the Banksy takeover.

For the entire month of October Banksy has been creating different pieces of  graffiti around NYC. You can check out what he’s been up to here. Since the beginning of the month I was excited about possibly being able to see a piece before it was painted over or covered up by local graffiti artists. The thing about Banksy is, you NEVER know when or where he will create something. You just have to be on it. So with that said, little things like work and sleep got in the way for me.

Today however, I was able to make it to see Banksy’s latest piece located on the Upper West Side (Manhattan). He drew quite a crowd. There was even a scuffle – check out the video below.

Only in New York.




The simple chalk art above is the brain child of artist, James De La Vega. De La Vega was born and raised in New York City and has been an influential staple there throughout the years. He was well known for randomly drawing inspirational, political and random thoughts in chalk on the streets and sidewalks in NYC. He once owned a museum in the East Village called the De La Vega Museum, which has since closed. He’s an exceptional artist and author. He released a book in 2009 wherein he speaks on his personal life and showcases his art.  The title of his book is Become Your Dream – love it!