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After strolling through my blog (yup, I do that sometimes), I realized that I haven’t done many photography posts, which is quite strange since it is one of the many things that I’m interested in. There are so many photographers whose aesthetic I admire and the one I wanted to share with you this evening is the work of Tim McGurr aka 13th Witness. 13th Witness is a Native New Yorker whose photos are raw and intimate at the same time. I love his style of photography because he chooses to look at the “big picture” – literally. His love for architecture and landscapes is what initially drew me to his work.

Below are a just a few of my recent favorite photographs, as well as a short video courtesy of I Am Other on 13th Witness’ background.


Photographs via 13thwitness.com & video courtesy of I AM Other’s Youtube Channel



photo#1A few months back I was reading an article on CNN.com titled 12 Tips to Become a Better Smart Phone Photographer. I thought the article gave some pretty good tips considering there are so many people using their smart phones nowadays to capture their everyday goings on. And with apps like Instagram, Hipstamatic, Image Blender and Snapseed (just to name a few) using your smart phone to take photographs has never been more popular.

While reading the above article I was introduced to iPhoneArt.com, which is essentially a gallery of photographs taken by artists who are reveling in the smart phone photography scene. iPhoneArt is also responsible for curating and producing the first annual LA Mobile Arts Festival. Without getting into the debate over whether one should use a phone as a camera – I absolutely love the images and the art that’s showcased on the site and truthfully, I think you will too. The creativity is amazing. Check it out!