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If you live in one of the five boroughs or near New York City and you love art, you’ve probably heard about or been following the Banksy takeover.

For the entire month of October Banksy has been creating different pieces of  graffiti around NYC. You can check out what he’s been up to here. Since the beginning of the month I was excited about possibly being able to see a piece before it was painted over or covered up by local graffiti artists. The thing about Banksy is, you NEVER know when or where he will create something. You just have to be on it. So with that said, little things like work and sleep got in the way for me.

Today however, I was able to make it to see Banksy’s latest piece located on the Upper West Side (Manhattan). He drew quite a crowd. There was even a scuffle – check out the video below.

Only in New York.





I’m Sarah Rosado, a New York based illustrator and photographer. I love anything that has to do with Art and I’m always challenging myself in creating different styles of art form. I love variety and as such you will find a reflection of that in my art work, from fashion illustrations to thought provoking photographic images.

What are you creatively addicted to? When did you start?

My interest in art began at the age of five drawing sketches and doodling everything I could get my hands on.  Through the years I continued to draw and to this day I describe myself as an artist of the mind, body and soul. I consider my work a reflection into the world, the way I see it.  What I am creatively addicted to is creating images that has an effect on people, to make them think.

What’s your inspiration?

I’m inspired by many things such as current trends, social issues, nature, life, humor, spirituality, etc.  I love creating and experimenting with new ideas and challenging myself.  It’s a drive that pushes me to a different level each time which is very rewarding.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

I’m still working on my dirt project and will continue until I reach my goal of 100 pieces. Afterwards I will be doing something new and creative but that is still in the early stages.

Where can people find your work?


Name one thing you would like people to know about you.

I’m a perfectionist, which I consider somewhat of a flaw because no matter what I do I always feel it could be improved.



I stumbled upon this fun and quirky artist named, Misaki Kawai during one of my video catch up sessions on YouTube this weekend. An artsy transplant from Japan, Misaki’s work is whimsical and has a child like vibe that captures your attention and makes you smile.

Don’t believe me? Check out the below images.

noodle-musicmisaki1dr3MK_P030Minolta DSC

Images via misakikawai.com


A few weeks ago I blogged about the NYC Pledge-A-Sketch event taking place on December 16 – 100 artists, sketching 100 portraits to raise $100,000 hosted by Art Square Times Square. After I blogged about it, I reached out to the good people over at Art Square about possibly volunteering at the event. Of course, I was excited when they said yes.

Although it was a rainy, gloomy Sunday, I wouldn’t have wanted to spend it any place else. Lots of artists and the general public came out in support of the event, which was held at the fabulous co-working space, Alley NYC. With walls covered in Keith Haring art and other colorful prints, Alley NYC is located on 7th Avenue between 37th and 38th.

Artists were commissioned to sketch portraits from photographs they received via email of people and/or pets and there were also walk-in commissions. It was unbelievable how many people came right off the streets of NYC to have their portrait sketched. It was a full house that included not only the artists and their human/furry subjects, but there were also opportunities to sit in on various presentations given by art world insiders and curators. Definitely a good time!!!

Please check out the Pledge-A-Sketch Tumblr page to see some of the AMAZING commissioned portraits.

Below are a few pics that I got of the artists working and my very own portrait done by Grace Mizrachi. How did she know that purple was my favorite color?




Today’s creative is graffiti artist, graphic designer and designer – Indie184. Born and raised in New York City, Indie exhibits a gritty, girly-girly flavor to her art.  I love her art because of the bold colors she chooses and the way her pieces make you feel like you’ve stepped into a cool a$$ time machine.

Below are a few of Indie’s mixed media art paintings. You can see more of Indie’s work on her blog. Check it out!


Images via Indie184.com


Who would have ever thought that someone would attempt to turn Times Square in NYC into an Art Exhibit? Well that is just what the cool people over at Art Square are doing this December 16 when they transform Times Square into “the world’s largest public art exhibit.”

How does it work, you ask? Art Square has commissioned 100 artists to draw 100 sketches to raise $100,000. A portion of the proceeds will go to The Mayor’s Fund to Advance Hurricane Relief.

I have already chosen a couple of photos to have made into sketches. I’ll share them when I receive them!

Image via artsquare.co


How excited was I when I found out that one of my favorite photographers had an upcoming New York exhibition? Too excited! The late, great Gordon Parks’ work will be on display at The Studio Museum in Harlem from November 11, 2012 to March 10, 2013.

Mr. Parks, a fellow Sagittarius would have been celebrating his 100th birthday on November 30. This is a great way to commemorate his memory and his extraordinary talents, not only as a photographer, but as a film maker and musician.

If you’re in NYC, please check it out!

You can find my very first blog post on Gordon Parks and his work from November 2010.

Image via FineAmericaArt.com by Artist, Walter Oliver Neal