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I’m Sarah Rosado, a New York based illustrator and photographer. I love anything that has to do with Art and I’m always challenging myself in creating different styles of art form. I love variety and as such you will find a reflection of that in my art work, from fashion illustrations to thought provoking photographic images.

What are you creatively addicted to? When did you start?

My interest in art began at the age of five drawing sketches and doodling everything I could get my hands on.  Through the years I continued to draw and to this day I describe myself as an artist of the mind, body and soul. I consider my work a reflection into the world, the way I see it.  What I am creatively addicted to is creating images that has an effect on people, to make them think.

What’s your inspiration?

I’m inspired by many things such as current trends, social issues, nature, life, humor, spirituality, etc.  I love creating and experimenting with new ideas and challenging myself.  It’s a drive that pushes me to a different level each time which is very rewarding.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

I’m still working on my dirt project and will continue until I reach my goal of 100 pieces. Afterwards I will be doing something new and creative but that is still in the early stages.

Where can people find your work?


Name one thing you would like people to know about you.

I’m a perfectionist, which I consider somewhat of a flaw because no matter what I do I always feel it could be improved.




#1Via Behance


My first introduction to the corky, creative, Japanese illustrator Choco Moo was on Instagram. Her simple, but bold black and white illustrations are so eye-catching and of course full of coolness. I love how she visualizes classic cartoons. Who knew Alf could handle the mic?

ImageImageImageImageImageEPSON MFP image


The beautiful illustrations and art below are courtesy of Scott Bakal. I fell in love with Scott’s work because of his bold color choices and the way he transforms shapes into extraordinary art.

You can see the rest of Scott’s work here.

Images via ScottBakal.com


For those of you who are “Artists, Illustrators, Photographers and other creatives” you might want to read this post :). If you’re looking for a cool online tool to showcase your work, you might want to check out Crevado.com. Like always, I found out about Crevado through my Creative Family on Twitter.

Not only does Crevado offer free services, it’s also very easy to use. You have the option to upgrade your service should you need more privacy and/or space. Your images will be crystal clear, which is great for selling images since that’s also an option on Crevado.

If you decide to join or if you’re already a member, let me know what you think!

Image via Crevado.com


Artist and designer, Brian Donnelly b.k.a. KAWS is a graduate of New York City’s School of Visual Arts. KAWS started his career as a graffiti artist while growing up in Jersey City, New Jersey. He has done animation work on the Disney film 101 Dalmatians, as well as the animated shows Daria and Doug. He’s no stranger to having his images on clothing and in art galleries.

I first saw KAWS’ work on Tumblr and recently I had the opportunity to see some upcoming work that he did for the retailer that I work for. I really dig his use of color and how he puts a dope spin on old school cartoons.

You can read about and see more of KAWS’ work here and here.


As I walked passed my coworker’s desk one day, I noticed these really pretty postcards with illustrations of dainty, whimsical women on them. She couldn’t remember where she got them, but I made sure to memorize the website printed on the cards so that I could Google it myself. Once I found the site, I was overwhelmed by an explosion of creativity, color, posies and butterflies; some of my favorite things. The website that I am referring to is WhatKTDoes.Com. Katy “KT” Smail, a New York based Illustrator by way of Scotland has clients that include Macy’s, Land’s End and Papier Mache. She’s even illustrated a book entitled (S)mythology – a “contemporary fairy tale.”

Check out some of her illustrations below.

All illustrations are courtesy of WhatKTDoes.Com