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If you live in one of the five boroughs or near New York City and you love art, you’ve probably heard about or been following the Banksy takeover.

For the entire month of October Banksy has been creating different pieces of  graffiti around NYC. You can check out what he’s been up to here. Since the beginning of the month I was excited about possibly being able to see a piece before it was painted over or covered up by local graffiti artists. The thing about Banksy is, you NEVER know when or where he will create something. You just have to be on it. So with that said, little things like work and sleep got in the way for me.

Today however, I was able to make it to see Banksy’s latest piece located on the Upper West Side (Manhattan). He drew quite a crowd. There was even a scuffle – check out the video below.

Only in New York.




This post is dedicated to the art of “yarnstorming.” If you haven’t heard of yarnstorming – its been described as another form of graffiti. Tagging using yarn instead of spray paint. Clever, right? Yarnstorming has several aka’s that include, graffiti knitting, yarnbombing and guerilla knitting.

Recently some pretty popular yarnstormers in London, dubbed Knit the City, individually known as The Fastener & The Deadly Knitshade (these are by far the dopest names ever!!) decided to give up their underground knitting lifestyle to team up with Toyota for its Positive Power Campaign to help promote their Prius Plug-In Hybrid vehicles.

I think the Knit the City gang did a great job with brightening up this Brixton neighborhood! Thoughts?


Photographs via FastcoCreate.com


Today’s creative is graffiti artist, graphic designer and designer – Indie184. Born and raised in New York City, Indie exhibits a gritty, girly-girly flavor to her art.  I love her art because of the bold colors she chooses and the way her pieces make you feel like you’ve stepped into a cool a$$ time machine.

Below are a few of Indie’s mixed media art paintings. You can see more of Indie’s work on her blog. Check it out!


Images via Indie184.com


Artist and designer, Brian Donnelly b.k.a. KAWS is a graduate of New York City’s School of Visual Arts. KAWS started his career as a graffiti artist while growing up in Jersey City, New Jersey. He has done animation work on the Disney film 101 Dalmatians, as well as the animated shows Daria and Doug. He’s no stranger to having his images on clothing and in art galleries.

I first saw KAWS’ work on Tumblr and recently I had the opportunity to see some upcoming work that he did for the retailer that I work for. I really dig his use of color and how he puts a dope spin on old school cartoons.

You can read about and see more of KAWS’ work here and here.