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Supplies: Dish washing liquid, acrylic paint (metallic if you like), card stock, paint brush and clear tape.

1.) Start by cutting a piece of card stock to a size of your choice. My card stock was approximately 3 in x 4 in.

2.) Once your card stock is cut, decide what message you would like to share on your scratch off – it can be stamped or drawn. You can also take this time to decorate the card stock as much as you like.

3.) After your message has been designed, cut a piece of clear tape to cover the entire scratch off area. The clear tape will make the scratch off process easy-peasy.

4.) Mix half dish washing liquid with half acrylic paint.

5.) Once the dish washing liquid and paint have been mixed, using the paint brush paint the tape strip to cover up your message.

6.) Let it dry and here’s what you will get.

Since this is such an easy DIY, you can use this idea as an invitation or a cute way to drop a note to someone :).