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Have you ever read or heard a story that completely tugged at your heart-strings? Well, that is exactly how I felt when I learned about Ocean Sole Kenya. Ocean Sole is what happens when you combine recycling, a little creativity and a cause. The idea behind this initiative is to collect discarded flip-flops (which are the largest marine pollutant found in the Indian Ocean beaches) and turn them into works of art that include sculptures, accessories and stationary.

It’s also a way for local Kenyan residents to earn an income while showing off their craftsmanship skills.

Want to learn more about Ocean Sole? Check out the website.


Images courtesy of calgaryherald.com



If you’re on Long Island or you don’t mind traveling to Long Island, next month – arts & crafts teacher and product designer (Dylusions Range), Dyan Reaveley will be hanging out and teaching awesome art journaling techniques at Scrapper’s Playground in North Babylon, New York.

Four classes will be taught:

  • Using Imagery in Your Journals {April 19}
  • Journaling with Silhouette’s {April 19}
  • Incorporating Rubber Stamps into Your Journal Pages {April 20}
  • Couture Journaling {April 20}

Please check out the Scrapper’s Playground’s blog here for times and registration information. Happy Art Journaling!


Images via Dyan-Reaveley.blogspot.com


This post is dedicated to the art of “yarnstorming.” If you haven’t heard of yarnstorming – its been described as another form of graffiti. Tagging using yarn instead of spray paint. Clever, right? Yarnstorming has several aka’s that include, graffiti knitting, yarnbombing and guerilla knitting.

Recently some pretty popular yarnstormers in London, dubbed Knit the City, individually known as The Fastener & The Deadly Knitshade (these are by far the dopest names ever!!) decided to give up their underground knitting lifestyle to team up with Toyota for its Positive Power Campaign to help promote their Prius Plug-In Hybrid vehicles.

I think the Knit the City gang did a great job with brightening up this Brixton neighborhood! Thoughts?


Photographs via FastcoCreate.com


Like most people these days, I follow a slew of people on YouTube looking for cool projects, inspiration and even hair styles. Well, now I’ve discovered this fun-tastic DIY show called Club Chrissie. Club Chrissie, is hosted by Chrissie Miller, fashion designer, DJ and creative. In my opinion Club Chrissie is what would happen if Martha Stewart Living and Pee Wee’s Play House had a baby. You can subscribe to the iamOTHER YouTube channel to see more Club Chrissie.

In the episode below Chrissie puts a cute spin on key jewelry. I posted a quick pic of my finished piece as well. Enjoy!


Yesterday I attended the Bust Magazine Craftacular in Downtown Manhattan. There were over 100 vendors selling handmade items from food, jewelry, cute tees and stationary. I’ve been to the Craftacular a couple of times and I have to say that was sadly underwhelmed. I left with only one thing – a journal  created by artist, Laura Galbraith.

It was a beautiful Spring day for a craft fair, so I won’t complain too much 🙂


Supplies: Dish washing liquid, acrylic paint (metallic if you like), card stock, paint brush and clear tape.

1.) Start by cutting a piece of card stock to a size of your choice. My card stock was approximately 3 in x 4 in.

2.) Once your card stock is cut, decide what message you would like to share on your scratch off – it can be stamped or drawn. You can also take this time to decorate the card stock as much as you like.

3.) After your message has been designed, cut a piece of clear tape to cover the entire scratch off area. The clear tape will make the scratch off process easy-peasy.

4.) Mix half dish washing liquid with half acrylic paint.

5.) Once the dish washing liquid and paint have been mixed, using the paint brush paint the tape strip to cover up your message.

6.) Let it dry and here’s what you will get.

Since this is such an easy DIY, you can use this idea as an invitation or a cute way to drop a note to someone :).


If you’re a crafter, artist and creator who lives in the Tri-State area or you’re able to get to New York City this post is for you!

Grand Central Terminal is hosting an open call for the upcoming 2012 Holiday Fair, which kicks off the Centennial celebration for 2013.  Individual artists and handcrafters or collectives are invited to show their handmade merchandise in person for a chance to be selected as a vendor for the upcoming Fair.

Highly selective about the artists chosen to participate, Holiday Fair planners spend the year looking for unique craftspeople. The range of products and price points guarantees that New Yorkers, commuters, and tourists alike will find interesting gift items for others and covet-worthy gifts for themselves.

The Holiday Fair takes over the Terminal’s historic Vanderbilt Hall each holiday season with 76 booths of art, children’s clothing, accessories, handbags, home goods, men’s and women’s apparel, jewelry, and bath and body products. Since its inception in 1993, the Holiday Fair has been a must-shop destination during the holiday season, and the longest-running indoor holiday market in New York City. The 2012 Fair runs November 12-December 24.

RSVP: info@grandcentralterminal.com

Contact Person: Scott Pepper

Where: 89 Vanderbilt Avenue, New York, NY 10017 (Grand Central Terminal)

When: Wednesday, March 14, 2012 & Thursday, March 15, 2012

Time: 9:30 am – 5:00 pm

Website: http://www.grandcentralterminal.com/