Have you ever read or heard a story that completely tugged at your heart-strings? Well, that is exactly how I felt when I learned about Ocean Sole Kenya. Ocean Sole is what happens when you combine recycling, a little creativity and a cause. The idea behind this initiative is to collect discarded flip-flops (which are the largest marine pollutant found in the Indian Ocean beaches) and turn them into works of art that include sculptures, accessories and stationary.

It’s also a way for local Kenyan residents to earn an income while showing off their craftsmanship skills.

Want to learn more about Ocean Sole? Check out the website.


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I stumbled upon this fun and quirky artist named, Misaki Kawai during one of my video catch up sessions on YouTube this weekend. An artsy transplant from Japan, Misaki’s work is whimsical and has a child like vibe that captures your attention and makes you smile.

Don’t believe me? Check out the below images.

noodle-musicmisaki1dr3MK_P030Minolta DSC

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My name is Charissa and I’m a mixed media artist that grew up crying in art class. Really. I only discovered my love for art about a year and a half ago. I use a lot of layers, collage, paint, paper and ink in my pages. I create inside journals, books and in loosely bound pages.

What are you creatively addicted to? When did you start?

I am creatively addicted to processing trauma through art. It is important for me to be able to process all of my life’s events — both good and bad through art. As far as material I’m addicted to india ink and iridescent medium right now. Can’t get enough! I also LOVE glass bead medium — I made my own on my Youtube Channel at the beginning of April. I started creating in August of 2011, at what I affectionately refer to as a “low point” in my life. I was seeing a therapist and she told me I should pursue art if it made me happy. After years of telling myself I didn’t like art and didn’t want to “do art”, it was a hard change for me. I needed to learn that art means creating for yourself and not coloring inside someone else’s lines.

What’s your inspiration?

I’ve always been a creative person. I understand better when I can tangibly create/re-create/learn through touch. I’ve been able to process difficult things with more ease through the creation of art. Being able to abandon my critic and paint/create/splatter/drip etc for me and for no one else has been so incredibly therapeutic.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

I consistently create in about 6 journals at a time. I do a mixed myriad of watercolor journals, loose papers, cards and bound books. I also occasionally do canvases. Just really depends on my mood! A lot of my creative fervor is really geared towards teaching. I teach e-courses every other month through my blog ( and love helping my students harness their creative juju! (E-courses are half off for Creative Addiction readers with the code “CreateAddict” through June 1st 2013!)

Where can people find your work?

The Smashbook is where you can find my art and all the other links to my stuff online!





Name one thing you would like people to know about you.

I cried my eyes out in an art class when I was in third grade. Seriously. Because of that experience, I have absolutely no formal or classical training in art. A lot of people think that’s crazy, but it’s true! I’m a firm believer that you can be an artist without any sort of classical training or instruction. Creativity is something that’s natural, not taught. 🙂



Like many of you, I am tired of this Winter weather and I’m ready to get to the fun and the sun! Mainly because I have a few things planned this Spring and Summer that I am so excited about. One of these things is the Fourth Annual Weapons of Mass Creation Fest taking place in Cleveland, Ohio (Will the Real Midwesterner’s Please Stand Up?). The WMC Fest is a “premier art, design, and music event” founded by Go Media designer and partner, Jeff Finley.

The Fest will run from Friday, August 16 to Sunday, August 18. It will be a huge gathering of creative minds, including entrepreneurs, artists and students. All attendees will get to interact and learn from the 20 speakers and 20 designers scheduled to appear and there will also be music from over 30 bands. Can you say fun x’s 1000?

If you would like to learn more about the Weapons of Mass Creation Fest please check out their website here. Also check out the video below for a better idea of what to expect if you plan on attending.


If you’re on Long Island or you don’t mind traveling to Long Island, next month – arts & crafts teacher and product designer (Dylusions Range), Dyan Reaveley will be hanging out and teaching awesome art journaling techniques at Scrapper’s Playground in North Babylon, New York.

Four classes will be taught:

  • Using Imagery in Your Journals {April 19}
  • Journaling with Silhouette’s {April 19}
  • Incorporating Rubber Stamps into Your Journal Pages {April 20}
  • Couture Journaling {April 20}

Please check out the Scrapper’s Playground’s blog here for times and registration information. Happy Art Journaling!


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After strolling through my blog (yup, I do that sometimes), I realized that I haven’t done many photography posts, which is quite strange since it is one of the many things that I’m interested in. There are so many photographers whose aesthetic I admire and the one I wanted to share with you this evening is the work of Tim McGurr aka 13th Witness. 13th Witness is a Native New Yorker whose photos are raw and intimate at the same time. I love his style of photography because he chooses to look at the “big picture” – literally. His love for architecture and landscapes is what initially drew me to his work.

Below are a just a few of my recent favorite photographs, as well as a short video courtesy of I Am Other on 13th Witness’ background.


Photographs via & video courtesy of I AM Other’s Youtube Channel