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photo#1A few months back I was reading an article on titled 12 Tips to Become a Better Smart Phone Photographer. I thought the article gave some pretty good tips considering there are so many people using their smart phones nowadays to capture their everyday goings on. And with apps like Instagram, Hipstamatic, Image Blender and Snapseed (just to name a few) using your smart phone to take photographs has never been more popular.

While reading the above article I was introduced to, which is essentially a gallery of photographs taken by artists who are reveling in the smart phone photography scene. iPhoneArt is also responsible for curating and producing the first annual LA Mobile Arts Festival. Without getting into the debate over whether one should use a phone as a camera – I absolutely love the images and the art that’s showcased on the site and truthfully, I think you will too. The creativity is amazing. Check it out!



Like most people these days, I follow a slew of people on YouTube looking for cool projects, inspiration and even hair styles. Well, now I’ve discovered this fun-tastic DIY show called Club Chrissie. Club Chrissie, is hosted by Chrissie Miller, fashion designer, DJ and creative. In my opinion Club Chrissie is what would happen if Martha Stewart Living and Pee Wee’s Play House had a baby. You can subscribe to the iamOTHER YouTube channel to see more Club Chrissie.

In the episode below Chrissie puts a cute spin on key jewelry. I posted a quick pic of my finished piece as well. Enjoy!


For those of you who are “Artists, Illustrators, Photographers and other creatives” you might want to read this post :). If you’re looking for a cool online tool to showcase your work, you might want to check out Like always, I found out about Crevado through my Creative Family on Twitter.

Not only does Crevado offer free services, it’s also very easy to use. You have the option to upgrade your service should you need more privacy and/or space. Your images will be crystal clear, which is great for selling images since that’s also an option on Crevado.

If you decide to join or if you’re already a member, let me know what you think!

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Calling all creative fanatics and iPhone users; there’s a new CREATIVITY app in town! The brain child of creativity expert, Tanner Christensen – the Oflow app allows you to explore your creativity at any time and any place. This is how it works – the app provides you with techniques (creative methods) to help guide you in solving problems or setting personal goals, which essentially helps you to think about things in a different light, therefore producing different outcomes. Building creativity. Oflow also allows you to take personal notes of your thoughts and findings so you can refer to them at a later date. You can bookmark your favorite creative methods and share them with others as well. Sharing is caring, right?

Here’s a visual of how the app works!


In November of last year I discovered and I just had to share it with you guys. You can check out that post here. SHOUT OUT to Ms. Sophie and Nina G. for sharing the same enthusiasm for Soul Pancake as I did.

Well, they are at it again! Soul Pancake is launching their very own YouTube Channel on July 23. You can expect the same thought-provoking and positive interaction that you find on the site but just through creative video.

Below is the Soul Pancake Channel Launch Campaign Video. Check it out 🙂


SoulPancake ~ is a movement to chew on life’s big questions.

If you ever feel the need to tap into your artsy, creative, spiritual and/or opinionated sides, you have to click this link —> SoulPancake is an online community where you can meet people from diverse backgrounds with similar interests AND it’s a place where you can find food for thought – oodles of it. You will find discussions concerning some of life’s biggest questions, which of course produces a myriad of different perspectives – presented by everyday people like you and I. It’s a site that may or may not challenge you to look at life differently depending on how open minded you are willing to be. The activities allow you to be as creative as you want; it helps you to get your gears turning.

Let me know what you think. Did you see an activity you want to try? Have you answered any of the thought provoking questions?


Anyone who knows me knows that I can appreciate a handmade gift and most of all a creative handmade gift.  My co-worker’s daughters made this bracelet for me for Christmas. It’s so cute, creative and green.  Thanks Victoria and Christina!

Can you guess what it’s made of?