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I’m Sarah Rosado, a New York based illustrator and photographer. I love anything that has to do with Art and I’m always challenging myself in creating different styles of art form. I love variety and as such you will find a reflection of that in my art work, from fashion illustrations to thought provoking photographic images.

What are you creatively addicted to? When did you start?

My interest in art began at the age of five drawing sketches and doodling everything I could get my hands on.  Through the years I continued to draw and to this day I describe myself as an artist of the mind, body and soul. I consider my work a reflection into the world, the way I see it.  What I am creatively addicted to is creating images that has an effect on people, to make them think.

What’s your inspiration?

I’m inspired by many things such as current trends, social issues, nature, life, humor, spirituality, etc.  I love creating and experimenting with new ideas and challenging myself.  It’s a drive that pushes me to a different level each time which is very rewarding.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

I’m still working on my dirt project and will continue until I reach my goal of 100 pieces. Afterwards I will be doing something new and creative but that is still in the early stages.

Where can people find your work?

Name one thing you would like people to know about you.

I’m a perfectionist, which I consider somewhat of a flaw because no matter what I do I always feel it could be improved.






My name is Charissa and I’m a mixed media artist that grew up crying in art class. Really. I only discovered my love for art about a year and a half ago. I use a lot of layers, collage, paint, paper and ink in my pages. I create inside journals, books and in loosely bound pages.

What are you creatively addicted to? When did you start?

I am creatively addicted to processing trauma through art. It is important for me to be able to process all of my life’s events — both good and bad through art. As far as material I’m addicted to india ink and iridescent medium right now. Can’t get enough! I also LOVE glass bead medium — I made my own on my Youtube Channel at the beginning of April. I started creating in August of 2011, at what I affectionately refer to as a “low point” in my life. I was seeing a therapist and she told me I should pursue art if it made me happy. After years of telling myself I didn’t like art and didn’t want to “do art”, it was a hard change for me. I needed to learn that art means creating for yourself and not coloring inside someone else’s lines.

What’s your inspiration?

I’ve always been a creative person. I understand better when I can tangibly create/re-create/learn through touch. I’ve been able to process difficult things with more ease through the creation of art. Being able to abandon my critic and paint/create/splatter/drip etc for me and for no one else has been so incredibly therapeutic.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

I consistently create in about 6 journals at a time. I do a mixed myriad of watercolor journals, loose papers, cards and bound books. I also occasionally do canvases. Just really depends on my mood! A lot of my creative fervor is really geared towards teaching. I teach e-courses every other month through my blog ( and love helping my students harness their creative juju! (E-courses are half off for Creative Addiction readers with the code “CreateAddict” through June 1st 2013!)

Where can people find your work?

The Smashbook is where you can find my art and all the other links to my stuff online!





Name one thing you would like people to know about you.

I cried my eyes out in an art class when I was in third grade. Seriously. Because of that experience, I have absolutely no formal or classical training in art. A lot of people think that’s crazy, but it’s true! I’m a firm believer that you can be an artist without any sort of classical training or instruction. Creativity is something that’s natural, not taught. 🙂




Most call me T or Tee. I am a multi-verse artist into the traditional and digital arts, and my professional moniker is Tina H. of ‘monsterN’box’.

The idea of ‘monsterN’box’ started about a gazillion years ago. I’ve always felt something huge was inside of me wanting to come out, like a monster in a box. Thrown somewhere in the mix, is a little blog called, “My Secret Errand to Be an Artist”, where on occasion, should my discipline permit, I would blog my experiences trying to get serious with the Arts. Finally, in August 2012, I finished creating my website. I am now turning monster dream-ing into monster reality-ing.

What are you creatively addicted to? When did you start?

Having an idiosyncratic upbringing and being exposed to odd elements, does strange things to one’s perspective and personality. I am an emerging artist and so have yet to discover my particularities in art; however I do lean towards the weird and wonderful. I get a spark, and it could be for a one-framed cartoon to a drawing, from an animation or a painting….anything. I never know what’s coming to me because I really LOVE it all. I am evolving and that’s the fun bit!

What’s your inspiration?

Many things inspire me. But what compels me to create, comes through from how I ‘process’ my every day. I am curious. I am always observing and gathering. Then I reflect. In those reflective thoughts, imagery, ideas and experiences, collides and clashes with one another to form my ‘creative center’ – and a form is born and I begin.

Or maybe…

Inside of me, (I imagine) there is a little militant Art-Terrorist name Pepe who wears a white and black striped shirt with a French beret-cap. He likes holding parts of my brain hostage, and says stuff like this, “Draw & Paint. And I will keep your Thalamus…… Yes?” Ok. Perhaps he mimes it out.

Do you have any upcoming projects?

Aside from the usual art shenanigans, currently for 2013, I am writing and illustrating a kid’s book – one of my life long dreams – based on a character I created call “Jeremy Jellybean.” Also, I am ever getting my Flash animation skills at par excellence and plan to produce a short animated story called “The Lonely Zombie”.

Where can people find your work?



Experimental Blog (new):

Name one thing you would like people to know about you.

I am directionally-challenged and gets lost easily. Seriously.


“Eden Series”: Eden #03 Untitled (2013)

This is one of 6 pieces for the “Eden Series” I am creating. It is in pencil, ink and some acrylic paints based. I thought it would be fitting to do the first show of this piece with your feature. So your blog is the first to see this piece.


Red Death, African Plague (2012)

This was my first book cover design for author Tony Walton. It is mix-media of acrylic paints and digital based. The book is currently available on Amazon Kindle.


The Black Sheep (2012)

Part of a silent auction benefiting The WellSpring Cancer Centre Toronto. It is acrylic paints based.


Ethan The Great, Super Ethan (2011)

A commissioned art piece of a two year old and one of the most memorable and fun painting I have done. It is acrylic paints based.


Zombie Surburbia (2011)

One of my E-cards/Cartoon images. It is drawing and digital based.



My name is Tessa McSorley, and I am an artist and crafter working under the name How to Make Art.  I work for myself full-time, and besides selling art, I also sell antiques and collectibles.  I live with my dog, Ruby Roo, in Florida, and I love spending time with my family and friends, reading, and watching artsy movies.

What are you creatively addicted to? When did you start?

I am creatively addicted to screen printing, drawing, and painting.  I have always drawn and painted, but I got introduced to screen printing in high school and have been obsessed with it ever since.  I even got my college degree in Printmaking so that I could explore screen printing even further!  Even years later, I am still discovering new things about the process.

What’s your inspiration?

I create because I don’t feel like myself if I don’t get to do at least one creative thing a day.  I love making things, and creativity is second nature to me.  I don’t know what I’d do without a creative outlet – making art keeps me sane!

Where can people find your work?

My website is, and my blog is at  I have an etsy shop here:

Name one thing you would like people to know about you.

I love sending my work out into the world and knowing that people enjoy the images I make! 🙂


This edition of The Dose comes from a fellow WordPress Blogger. Enjoy!


I’m Jec Mendiola, my interweb-alias is HeyCatLady! I obviously adore cats.

What are you creatively addicted to? When did you start?

I used to watch a lot of anime (Japanese cartoons) when I was in grade school. I then started drawing with anime art style. As time passed, I found children’s book illustrations more conceptually interesting, thus my work looks whimsical. I create more traditional works than digital ones.

What’s your inspiration?

I find inspiration in music, good movies, people, and everything around me (even light and darkness). I can’t always express what I feel through words that I turn my emotions into drawing and painting.

Where can people find your work?


Name one thing you would like people to know about you. 

I’m a cat! 🙂


Kicking off the New Year with a new Creative!


I’m Rachel from Belgium and I am 27 years old. My artist name is Candy Precious.


Je suis Rachel de Belgique et je suis âgé de 27 ans. Mon nom d’artiste est précieux Candy.

What are you creatively addicted to? When did you start?

I have been drawing since I was a child. I also paint and design customized jewelry, which I have been doing for 4 years.

Que faites-vous accro à créative? Quand avez-vous commencer?

Je dessine depuis que j’étais enfant. J’ai aussi la peinture et la conception de bijoux personnalisés, ce que je fais depuis 4 ans.

What’s your inspiration?

My art is inspired by African and Indian art because I love the colors and geometric shapes. I am also inspired by the music and cinema of those cultures.

Quelle est votre inspiration?

Mon art est inspiré par l’art africain et indien parce que j’aime les couleurs et les formes géométriques. Je suis aussi inspiré par la musique et le cinéma de ces cultures.

Where can people find your work?

I have a shop in Brussels, Belgium and you can also find my work on these sites:

Où peut-on trouver dans votre travail?

J’ai un magasin à Bruxelles, en Belgique et vous pouvez également trouver mon travail sur ces sites:


This edition of The Dose features one of my favorite across the pond blog subscribers, Kate Bennet. Affectionately known as Katie – she is a budding writer who blogs at Coffee House Discussions. Witty film reviews, sports and cute DIY projects are just a few of the topics discussed on Coffee House.

Today, however, I would like to share a  short story written by Katie entitled


It is always unbearably hot in Indonesia, even in the early morning. Visitors to the ashram wear light clothes, especially those of us going through the menopause. I was scrubbing the floors of the ashram this afternoon, sweat pouring from my brow. I have never felt more disgusting. I really wanted a cold shower but wouldn’t have a chance until the evening, after the 8pm meditation. Why did I pay to do this? It’s torture! Wouldn’t a nice hotel in the Mediterranean do just as well as a yoga and meditation vacation? I was talking about this over with Ros at dinner this evening in the canteen. I told her about how I am really not enjoying my time here, I’m just too old to be doing this manual work, and I can’t handle the heat. Her reply? “So why did you come Jane?” I was pretty upset that she didn’t have any sympathy for me. She obviously doesn’t understand because she’s still young and healthy. I didn’t want an argument though so I said, “I ask myself the same question everyday Ros.”


Jane slammed the door; that did it. Not one more. Not a single Saturday night or any other night of the week would she spend with another boring/arrogant/shallow man, in fact she would not do anything she didn’t want to just because her family or her friends told her to. This feeling rang a bell. She had made this speech before. Two years earlier when she had decided to divorce her husband. Crap. Jane unplugged the phone, the internet cable, pulled the battery out of her mobile and even put the ‘welcome’ mat in the dustbin. She then drove to a 24 hour supermarket and bought a bottle of red wine and a notebook. She scribbled furiously until she was so drunk she couldn’t see the lines on the page. The next morning she tried to decipher what she had written, it was a long list of every single thing she had ever wanted to do, every dream or ambition she had failed to fulfil. She didn’t do these things in her twenties; she never went to university or lived in a house-share or went backpacking, she was already married at eighteen. Jane wasn’t twenty anymore but she wasn’t dead either, so she was going to do every single one of the things on her list, no matter what people said or thought. As she scanned the list she wondered where to begin. Then she spotted it, ‘go to Indonesia’.


Afternoon meditation, aka lunchtime for the mosquitoes, was an hour of my thoughts swirling round and round in my head. I love the idea of being one of those women who wear brown beads and say deep philosophical things, always feeling love and never getting angry – that is why I am here. I’m tired of trying to be the perfect mum, and I don’t want my life to consist of doing the grocery shopping in Marks and Spencer, taking cake decorating courses and entering the village fayre with my home-made jam. I want to do something that excites me. I have filled my life with expensive clothes, throwing dinner parties, re-decorating the house but none of it ever made me happy – I was just kidding myself.  Meditation has to be the way for me to “get in touch with my inner self” as the brochure puts it. When I took some meditation classes to calm myself during the divorce, it really helped, I thought I would love to spend every day mediating for hours. I could see myself getting stress-free, zoning out of my life for a bit, not having to think about anything or anyone, but now I’m here…Well, the reality is that I had no idea that I was a mere rookie at meditation. Yoga is even worse, I’ve been going to yoga classes for years, it was part of my ‘ladies who lunch’ routine but I have never seen such bends and twists. I have no idea how it was possible to do those moves. My body creaks and clicks during every class.

All of these thoughts were racing through my head when I remembered I was supposed to be meditating. I glanced over at Ros. She was perfectly still, not one finger or one eyelash moved. I don’t know whether to hate or be in awe of her. She looked after me when I got food poisoning on my first few days. Once she saw me crapping and throwing up at the same time, the awkward barrier was definitely broken. She is a good friend, my best friend here, caring for me like we’re family.


Lucy shut the notebook. She looked around the house, it was so empty, so sterile it felt like her mum had never lived there. “I miss you so much mum. I don’t want anyone else to live here; this is your house, our house.” She felt stupid talking out loud, as if her mum were in the room but she didn’t know what else to do, reading her journal just made her miss her even more. She wondered why her mum had told her to read the journal after she had gone. Reading that entry just made her wish she had allowed her mum to do what she had wanted when her parents divorced. All the times she had made her go on dates and go shopping to buy things she didn’t want; she should have spent that time crossing things off her list. She was desperate to talk to her mum, reading her journal was the only way she would ever hear from her mother now. She cherished each page, never allowing herself to read too many at once, drawing each reading out because she didn’t want to come to the last.


This afternoon Ros and I had an interesting conversation in the food hall, it was something along the lines of:

“Can I tell you something?” (Ros)

“Do I want to hear it?”  (me)

“I’m not sure…”

“Oh Ros, what’s wrong? Has something happened?”

“No, it’s just… Well I don’t think you’re making the best of your time here. You only have 3 weeks left now.”


“It’s not that I’m meaning to criticise you. It’s just, Jane, I don’t know how to say it.”

“Just spit it out Ros.”

“I think you’re finding it hard to meditate because you’re not used to yourself. You feel uncomfortable with yourself; I think that may be why you stayed with your husband for so long because if he wasn’t there then you’d have to spend it alone. I don’t want to upset you, I just want to help. Forget I said anything.”

“I divorced my husband because he had an affair,” I said and stormed out of the food hall. Who does she think she is?


Lucy flicked to the next page, over a week had passed since the last entry. This was strange. Her mother had written in her journal every day since she had arrived in Indonesia.

“It pains me to say it but Ros was right. I’ve barely slept for over a week, tossing and turning, unable to get her words of my head. I’ve skipped meals or devoured them as fast as humanly possible to avoid her. I was meditating, well not meditating, in the meditation room thinking because I cannot meditate. I don’t have anything definite I can say about myself – I am a mother, an ex-wife, I was a stay-at-home-mum, the list goes on, but I have nothing for myself. All of my labels are dependent on others so I only know who I am based on who I am with, and I have failed in areas of my life because I couldn’t fulfil everything that person wanted. I need to find the real me.”

Lucy closed the notebook, tears trickling down her face. “Thanks mum,” she whispered, hugging the journal to her chest. It didn’t seem to matter that Jane had only crossed one item off her list – the legacy of the emerald journal had begun.

Copyright 2011 by Katie Bennett

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