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Supplies: Dish washing liquid, acrylic paint (metallic if you like), card stock, paint brush and clear tape.

1.) Start by cutting a piece of card stock to a size of your choice. My card stock was approximately 3 in x 4 in.

2.) Once your card stock is cut, decide what message you would like to share on your scratch off – it can be stamped or drawn. You can also take this time to decorate the card stock as much as you like.

3.) After your message has been designed, cut a piece of clear tape to cover the entire scratch off area. The clear tape will make the scratch off process easy-peasy.

4.) Mix half dish washing liquid with half acrylic paint.

5.) Once the dish washing liquid and paint have been mixed, using the paint brush paint the tape strip to cover up your message.

6.) Let it dry and here’s what you will get.

Since this is such an easy DIY, you can use this idea as an invitation or a cute way to drop a note to someone :).




This is a pretty quick DIY project that I’ve had on my list for quite some time and I thought today was a good day to try it out.

What you’ll need:

Honey (packages will do), Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly, Sugar, Small container (mine once housed buttons) and a Spoon.

1.) Using the spoon, mix 1 tsp of honey, 1 tsp of sugar and a 1/2 tsp of vaseline in the container very well.

Your finished product should look like this.

2.) Gently rub a finger full of the scrub on your lips for about 30 seconds and then rinse with warm water.

3.) Apply your favorite lip balm, lipstick or gloss and see how different your lips feel and look.

Benefits to exfoliating your puckers

  • Moisturizes chapped and dry lips caused by cold weather, sun exposure, dehydration and smoking.
  • It helps to keep your lipsticks and glosses in place.
  • It tastes good.
  • And lastly, it leaves you with smooth soft lips.

Benefits of the ingredients

  • Honey – Has tons of hydrating properties
  • Sugar – Removes dead skin cells.
  • Vaseline/Petroleum Jelly – Acts as a moisturizer and sealer.

I decided against posting pics of my lips after I used the scrub, but trust me they felt and looked happy! If you try this out, let me know how it worked for you.


Happy Sunday! Here is a really easy and cool DIY project to kick off the week. I saw an image of this project on Tumblr and I decided to try it out.

Supplies: Fabric (new or scrap), paperclips and scissors

Cut a 9 inch long piece of fabric that is a little under an inch thick and tie a bow to the top of the paperclip. And you’re done!

I’m avid reader and I plan on using these babies as bookmarks; although I have tons. You can never have too many though, especially when they’re cute. These can also be used to clip papers together and keep things nice and neat. If you’re an organization queen like me, these paperclips can give your paperwork a boost.


I was in button world again this weekend :-).  I decided to try something new and I think it turned out pretty cute. 

Here’s what you’ll need

Buttons, ribbon  and scissors

1.)    Using your scissors (careful not to cut yourself), push the ribbon through each of the button holes, pulling the ribbon through the button making it even on both sides. 

2.)    Once the ribbon has been pulled through evenly, the ribbon portion below the button will form a loop.  Stick your finger through that loop to make the actual ring. 

3.)    Once you have adjusted the ribbon to your finger comfortably, knot the loose ribbon on top of the button and then make a bow. You will need to take the ring off to do this. 

Of course, you can make the bow as small or as big as you like. I used ribbon that was 1/2 inch wide, but I cut it down the middle to make it smaller so that it would fit through the button holes.  Just note that if you decide to do this, there will be fraying at the ends of the ribbon due to the cutting.  If you don’t want fraying, you can use a ribbon that is 1/4 inches in width, which is sure to fit through the button hole without any problems.   

This is so fun and easy.  The mix and matching of the ribbon/buttons is the best part! It’s a quick way to make a cute accessory.


When I turned 30 (no, I’m not afraid to share my age :-)) I became obsessed with everything vintage.  I will not even discuss my vintage jewelry obsession.  Anyway, if you stalk YouTube and Etsy like I do, you probably have seen the infamous button earring.  I was playing around with some left over buttons from the last time I made earrings and I decided to do something a little different.  This is a fun, easy and fashionable way to use an ordinary button.

You will need 2 pair of buttons for each ear – totaling 4 buttons, earring posts/backs and crazy glue.  I found my buttons at Jo-Ann’s Fabrics (the brand is La Mode Vintage).  I also found the earring posts and backs at Jo-Ann’s, as well.

Okay, here goes…

1.) Put two buttons together and crazy glue them in the position that you like most.  Of course, be careful not to glue your fingers together like I did (smh).

2.) After you have allowed the glue to dry, glue the earring posts onto the back of the buttons.

3.) Viola, there you have it! An instant vintage button earring.

You can also put sewing thread or  embroidery thread through the holes to add a different look.  It’s all up to you. Be creative!