About Kim

Welcome to my blog, The Creative Addiction Blog – a complete extension of me. You will get to see me in all my creativity obsessed and nerdy girl glory. I’m a dog mommy to Mason the Chihuahua, an avid reader, crafter, crocheter, art journaler, lover of photography, dreamer, thinker, lover of the color purple, vintage stuff, butterflies and red velvet cupcakes. I take pride in highlighting some pretty cool and extraordinarily creative people.

I blog about FRESH people, places and things.


22 responses to “About Kim

  1. great blog you inspire me….check me out at inspirationformommies2

  2. How Beautiful!! I’m still workin’ up my nerve…but I”m gettin there.
    I like how you just jumped right in! 😉

  3. wayfaringthoughts

    I just couldn’t help myself, I have to tell you, I love your blog! I love the DIY projects with the hair comb and all. Awesome! =)

  4. Hey Kimmie,
    I love your blog, as you can tell by all my comments. Can you do some Valentine’s day crafts soon pretty please?

  5. Found your blog via 31 Day Reset. Lovin it!

  6. Pleased to come across your blogsite!

  7. I love the interviews on “The Dose.” BTW, how is it that you get the page link to directly open up the whole category?

  8. Hi Kim! I absolutely love your blog. I would like to send you an email regarding an up and coming pastry business that I think you would love. The owners are three young women from Brooklyn. If you’re interested please email me.
    Keep up the dope work!

  9. Kim, your art journaling is a huge inspiration to me. One of the things I found amazingly beautiful was the zentangle in blue and green with the black woman on top of it.
    I’ve subbed to your blog, and hope to keep learning from you, thru your 365 project.

  10. Thanks so much for linking up to Scatter Girls! Love getting to know you.

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