SoulPancake ~ is a movement to chew on life’s big questions.

If you ever feel the need to tap into your artsy, creative, spiritual and/or opinionated sides, you have to click this link —> SoulPancake.com. SoulPancake is an online community where you can meet people from diverse backgrounds with similar interests AND it’s a place where you can find food for thought – oodles of it. You will find discussions concerning some of life’s biggest questions, which of course produces a myriad of different perspectives – presented by everyday people like you and I. It’s a site that may or may not challenge you to look at life differently depending on how open minded you are willing to be. The activities allow you to be as creative as you want; it helps you to get your gears turning.

Let me know what you think. Did you see an activity you want to try? Have you answered any of the thought provoking questions?



  1. What a happy sassy place! I signed up-thanks for the tip Kim 🙂 Now go friend me or whatever so I can get a clue! xo

  2. Nice! Thanks for sharing. I like the writing activities.

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