When I turned 30 (no, I’m not afraid to share my age :-)) I became obsessed with everything vintage.  I will not even discuss my vintage jewelry obsession.  Anyway, if you stalk YouTube and Etsy like I do, you probably have seen the infamous button earring.  I was playing around with some left over buttons from the last time I made earrings and I decided to do something a little different.  This is a fun, easy and fashionable way to use an ordinary button.

You will need 2 pair of buttons for each ear – totaling 4 buttons, earring posts/backs and crazy glue.  I found my buttons at Jo-Ann’s Fabrics (the brand is La Mode Vintage).  I also found the earring posts and backs at Jo-Ann’s, as well.

Okay, here goes…

1.) Put two buttons together and crazy glue them in the position that you like most.  Of course, be careful not to glue your fingers together like I did (smh).

2.) After you have allowed the glue to dry, glue the earring posts onto the back of the buttons.

3.) Viola, there you have it! An instant vintage button earring.

You can also put sewing thread or  embroidery thread through the holes to add a different look.  It’s all up to you. Be creative!



  1. Interesting look! Now I know what to do with all those spare buttons in my jewelry drawer 🙂

  2. This is so cool! Neat. And congrats on being Freshly Pressed!

  3. I really like this idea of using buttons for earrings. The possibilities and designs are endless! Thanks!

  4. These are sooo nifty

  5. The ones with the thread are especially pretty!
    Congratulations on a very cool blog!

  6. I have a few “button” earrings. I like the creative yarn addition to the earrings. Really cool.

  7. Loooooove it!

  8. Ooooh, love this! And since I love buttons AND earrings, I’ll have something fun to do if I ever get bored and feel in the vintage mood! Great post!

  9. Thank you everyone! I’m so happy that you all enjoyed that post…never expected to be Freshly Pressed though…all smiles!

  10. Oh how cute! Looking forward to trying this! Congrats on the Pressed!

  11. What a great idea!….. I’ve got a whole bunch of real vintage buttons, some of which could well be over 100 years old…… I love earrings and I love vintage (maybe because I’m vintage) so, thank you for this great idea!… Margaret

  12. very creative

  13. Very cute. Do you kow if they sell clip-on posts for those of use who can not do pierced earrings?

  14. Wow .. this is very creative I really like that idea of using buttons as earrings…FABOLOUS

  15. nice idea – i look forward to seeing more over the months to come -!
    check out my handbag designs
    best wishes!

  16. The earrings look great! Thanks for sharing this. I don’t know where to buy earring posts and backs in my area though. *Sob*

  17. This is incredibly awesome! I’m so trying it!

  18. I’m in love!! This is really cool. Thanks for sharing.

  19. A D.I.Y ear-ring set comprising of a chain linking one earlobe to another was recently spotted on street dancers in Helsinki. Whilst partikal is all for a DIY attitude to lifestyles, health and safety should be taken into consideration. Whether or not the aforementioned chain bearer is still with us is another matter – be careful with them buttons, kids.

  20. though i rarely wear earings,i loved your idea,and im sure going to share it with all my girl friends!!!the black and white earings with red woolen strings looks awesome!!

  21. Nice earrings! I love Vintage jewerly too.

  22. Great Post! Thanks for giving me an idea on what to do with the spare buttons I have set aside.

  23. I absolutely adore these, so clever 🙂 I will be seen sporting them before the week is out!

  24. This is a really cute idea! I’m addicted to making jewelry 🙂

  25. Cute idea. Thank you for sharing. I just recently got into vintage and vintage inspired clothing and jewelry. I’m experimenting with jewelry making, so I’m always on the look out for easy techniques. I particularly like the earrings with the thread.

  26. Hi 🙂 I’m new here ~ Been finding interesting blogs and happened upon yours ! I love your button earrings! How clever , awesome idea! Guess I’d better go shopping for earring parts and buttons ! I love buttons .
    Great blog you have here !

  27. Beautiful. Your patience was rewarded.

  28. Adorable….these are so great. Vintage is my life.

  29. I bought a glue-gun yesterday, please give me a project to do, maybe something Christmassy or is that too early?! I’m going to have a go at making these earrings later 😀 xx

  30. YAY for getting the glue gun! Let me know how your earrings come out. I have to do a little thinking for a Christmas project for you. I’ll definitely get back to you 🙂 xxxx

  31. Just wanted to say Thank you for the idea! I tried this as my very first home made earrings and I love them! I have posted them on Pinterest if you are interested in seeing them. Thanks again! 🙂

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